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I have been a loyal customer to SkinBeau for more than 10 years now. I love how SkinBeau is a customer-oriented beauty salon and has always provided me the right facial treatments that suit my skin condition. SkinBeau has definitely improved my skin complexion and is overall, a cozy and pleasant place with excellent service to have your facial treatment at.

Annie Chong | Production Control Manager

I have been a customer with SkinBeau since 2008 and still remember how they helped cure my face from pimples due to hormonal/environmental changes. I have always received excellent service from SkinBeau and since becoming their customer, I have noticed tremendous improvements in regards to my skin texture. Their skin care products are effective and the SkinBeau team is professional and highly skilled. I love SkinBeau and strongly recommend this place to anyone looking for the best facial treatments!

Casey Chong | Assistant Manager

I have been on a wonderful journey with SkinBeau since 2003. Now, my teenage daughter is also getting good advice, skin care products and facial treatments from SkinBeau. I really like the fact that SkinBeau has its own product line that is affordable and at the same time, works wonders for my oily skin and my daughter's dry and sensitive skin. Although SkinBeau is a boutique facial salon, SkinBeau is never short of treatment and product solutions to support my skin care changes throughout the years. If I have sudden breakouts or concerns in between appointments, I know that the SkinBeau team is ready to help with a quick pimple extraction or with helpful advice on how to properly apply their skin care products. Thank you SkinBeau for always being so reliable!

Celine Lee | Manager

I came to SkinBeau for a successful skin tag removal treatment on my face and neck in 2016. After that, I proceeded to sign up for monthly facials with them. The great thing is that the facial treatments have improved my skin complexion so much that my family members and friends have begun to notice the improvements as well. I am truly thankful to the friendly and experienced beauticians at SkinBeau for doing such an amazing job.

Florence See | Administrator

At the age of 22, I had a pimple breakout which progressively worsened. I started looking for ways to treat my skin condition as it affected my confidence. After spending thousands on home remedies, skin care products and dermatologist appointments with no long term results, I discovered Christine and her SkinBeau team. They really took the time to understand what was going on with my skin and gave me facial treatments specific to my skin condition. I am happy to say that since then, I have seen a huge improvement in my skin complexion and could not be more grateful to the team. They’re very accommodating and will make sure you are satisfied with the service and results. Christine and team, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for restoring my confidence.

Reena Thevvi Arikerisnen | Academic Head

26 years ago when I walked into SkinBeau, my objective was to get advice on the best treatment for my freckled face. Little did I know, my relationship with SkinBeau would continue to grow into one that allowed me to place full trust in their products and services. SkinBeau has continued to serve my two daughters who are now both 27 and 24 years old. Each year, SkinBeau unveils new product enhancement and beauty technology which ensures that I and my daughters get the best possible treatment. Their team is basically like family to me now and I look forward to visiting SkinBeau every month. Honestly, I am proud to see how Skinbeau has grown to where it is now. Thank you Christine & the Skinbeau Team!

Rosita Bakar | Head Of Admin & Sales

Amazing as always. I have been with SkinBeau salon for many many years and am so thrilled with all the products and the instant outcome. My skin looks so much better that I have actually felt fine about leaving the house without makeup. I really enjoy the professional and outstanding service. The facials are amazing as well and I have received compliments from others about my skin. As you walk into the salon, you're greeted with a clean & relaxing atmosphere and warm smile from the staff. A special thank you to SkinBeau staff for paying close attention to detail and brightening up my days. All it takes is some special care and you too can come up with beautiful skin. You definitely have a lifelong customer in me! Thank you Christine and team. Happy me!

Shanti Tan | Homemaker

I have been with Skin Beau for over 25 years and have personally witnessed the evolution of SkinBeau over the years. Since its inception, SkinBeau has always delivered beyond my expectation in all aspects, from salon treatment to home care, customer service, beauty advises as well as reasonable pricing. Today, SkinBeau has a team of dedicated beauty professionals serving its customers. I am truly blessed to have been introduced to the owner of SkinBeau, Christine, who has overwhelming passion in the world of beauty. Her passion, dedication, professionalism, perseverance and hard work have been the pillars to SkinBeau's success. Having faith in SkinBeau, I recently brought my son to the salon for acne treatment and again, the amazing results says it all! Special thanks to Christine and thank you very much to the team of SkinBeau. Keep up the good work!

Tan Seow Eng | Group Management Accountant

Christine and her team are true professionals when it comes to treating and advising their clients on skin care products. They are always friendly and provide excellent service to clients. I have been a regular facial treatment customer for 23 straight years now and have always been satisfied with the results! I will definitely continue visiting SkinBeau for my facial treatments. Highly recommended!

Vivien Beh | Sales Executive